Veganism and
Animal Rights

"The highest realms of thought are impossible to reach without first attaining an understanding of compassion."

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- CANINE KARMA - You get what you give by SAKSI GOPAL DAS (Poem)
You get what you give is the rule of the law, So give up the slaughter, unless you want War.

BSE - the Human Madness (Article)
If I were a cow I would also go mad.

Burger King Uncowed (Article)
Promoters of the BK Veggie are doing the public a serious disservice by suggesting that it is anything other than a highly processed, nutritionally deficient junk food that just happens to be meatless.

Four children have I had in this lifetime. Each one of them has been stolen from me.

How Now, Mad Cow? (Article)
Comment by Worldwatch Institute researchers on how globalization, economics and poor animal husbandry are responsible for our current animal-borne epidemics.

Point of View by Shel Silverstein (Poem)
Thanksgiving dinner's sad and thankless...

Ronald McDonald by Lisa Ceneri (Poem)
... there is something you can do - what he gains depends on you.

Veganism is not Enough (Article)
Ultimately what will end animal exploitation - as well as every other type of exploitation and oppression - will be direct action.

Why Hitler Was Not a Vegetarian (Article)
"But wasn't Hitler a vegetarian?" ... It's time to find out for yourself. It is ironic that people should be so willing to gloss over the truth about Isaac Bashevis Singer's absolute commitment to the welfare of animals, yet be so willing to believe a myth about Hitler's vegetarianism.

Will We Still Eat Meat? (Article)
Maybe not, if we wake up to what the mass production of animal flesh is doing to our health--and the planet's.


Animal Defense League (Website)
An active grassroots organization working to inform the public about animal exploitation and abuse. Through community outreach, networking, legislation, public education, vocal demonstrations, and civil disobedience they speak for those who cannot speak for themselves.

Compositions by OfeK - Musician, Vegan, Traveler (Website)
Get your hands on all compositions ever published by OfeK, including vegan organic ecomusic composed while traveling with a mobile solar-powered composing workstation.

Destination Eden - Veganism/Fruitarianism/Breatharianism (Website)
Must we kill? Is it really necessary? Is "live and let die" the only path? Must we turn the lives of others into miserable living hells? Is it natural that we turn our bodies into living graveyards by filling them with the corpses of other individuals?

Food Not Bombs (Website)
Sharing vegetarian food with hungry people and protesting war and poverty throughout the world.

The Institute for Plant Based Nutrition (Website)
A group of highly motivated, committed plant eaters and growers who bring over a century of life experience to educating all publics about the benefits of plant-based nutrition.

The McLibel Trial (Website)
The infamous British court case between McDonald's and a postman & a gardener from London. It ran for two and a half years and become the longest ever English trial. The Judge delivered his verdict in June 1997.

McSpotlight (Website)
McDonald's spends over $2 billion a year broadcasting their glossy image to the world. This is a small space for alternatives to be heard.

My Year of Meats (Recommended Book)
This book chronicles a year in the life of a struggling New York City-based documentary filmmaker who is hired to produce a Japanese television show, My American Wife!, sponsored by a lobby group of the U.S. meat industry.

No Compromise! (Website)
The militant, direct action magazine of grassroots animal liberationists and their supporters - up to date info on jailed activists

Vegan Organic Network (Website)
All about vegan organic horticulture and agriculture; the ecologically friendly way to grow food without using any animal products. Animal free farming will lead to a greener, cleaner, cruelty-free world.

Vegan Views Magazine (Website)
A forum for vegan opinion.

VegFamily - Vegan Parenting On-Line (Website)
Vegan Parenting, Vegan Children, and Vegan Pregnancy Information.

Veggies Unite! (Website)
Guide to healthy vegetarian/vegan living. Over 3,500 recipes, animal rights info and more!


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