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Cancer Risk Found in Heated Carbohydrates (Article)
Basic foods eaten by millions around the world such as bread, biscuits, potato chips and french fries contain alarmingly high quantities of acrylamide, a substance believed to cause cancer.


Destination Eden - Veganism/Fruitarianism/Breatharianism (Website)
Must we kill? Is it really necessary? Is "live and let die" the only path? Must we turn the lives of others into miserable living hells? Is it natural that we turn our bodies into living graveyards by filling them with the corpses of other individuals?

EcoForest Garden Project and Community (Website)
Aims to create communities composed entirely of vegan-raw-foodists/fruitarians who are dedicated to ecological sustainability and evolution. The first community is being established in a beautiful finca in southern spain.

Ecopolitan Organic Vegan Raw Restaurant and Eco-Shop (Website)
Located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Come in for your health, stay for the taste, return for the Earth!

Edible Wild Kitchen (Website)
Index of recipes using wild herb and plants. FAQ about processing herb and plants for use in food. References to books and links to on-line sources.

The Fresh Network (Website)
A unique organisation based in the UK, promoting a diet high in raw & living foods to all those who wish to find out more about this wonderful way of eating/living, as well as supporting those who are making, or have already made the change.

Living and Raw Foods Internet Community (Website)
A large community and source of information and recipes on the internet for the living and raw food plant based diet.

R-A-W Vegan: the raw food diet demystified (Website)
information, raw vegan recipes, FAQs on raw foods and vegetarian issues, and more. (Website)
Raw food forum and chat room. Get support from like minded people from around the world.

The Sunfood Diet and Cuisine (Website)
Dedicated to the promotion of the raw food vegan way of life. Magazine, bookstore, articles, recipes, testimonials and resources for the dead-food-free and fully-alive.


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