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Blackcurrent / Anarres (Website)
A community based in Northampton, England, which intents to relocate and start an anarchist eco-village, growning vegan organic food and materials in a forest garden. New members welcome.

Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage (Website)
A young ecovillage in Missouri made up of cooperating communities, individuals and families that make ecological sustainability a priority in their lives.

EcoForest Garden Project and Community (Website)
Aims to create communities composed entirely of vegan-raw-foodists/fruitarians who are dedicated to ecological sustainability and evolution. The first community is being established in a beautiful finca in southern spain.

Kommune Niederkaufungen (Website)
Germany's largest non-religious community, with a far-reaching shared economy, decision-making by consensus, an undogmatic 'left-winged' attitude towards politics, the "reduction of nuclear-family structures" and gender-typical hierarchies and an ecological approach to work and lifestyle.

Les Amis de la Douceur et de l'Harmonie (Website)
[Friends of Gentleness and Harmony] French Pyrenees. A vegan retirement commune set in countryside of breathtaking beauty and with a huge old stone house decorated with bright colors, doves, long-haired people holding hands, and words of virtue such as compassion, order, humor, and honesty.

Okodorf Sieben Linden (7 Linden Trees Ecovillage) (Website)
Pod model ecovillage near Salzwedel, Germany (3 hours from Berlin) with very strong ecological agenda. The Club99 pod is vegan, the rest very vegan friendly.

Stepping Stones Housing Co-operative (Website)
Situated on a 30-acre small holding on a hillside over-looking the village of Redbrook within the Wye Valley Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Provides accomodation for people who wish to live with others and work towards a co-operative and ecological future.

Steward Community Woodland (Website)
A permaculture project which aims to demonstrate the value of integrating conservation woodland management techniques with organic growing, traditional skills and crafts and low-impact sustainable living.

Tamera, Centre for Humane Ecology (Website)
a growing cooperative of people in portugal who work for the future with the intention to build a model for a nonviolent culture, a research settlement where the most important themes of a new, sustainable culture are developed.


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