Vaccines and Artificial

"I not only have grave misgivings about them; if I were to follow my deep convictions in writing this chapter, I would urge you to reject all inoculations for your child."

Robert Mendelsohn, M.D. in his bestselling book, How to Raise a Healthy Child in Spite of Your Doctor [All Quotes

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Dispelling Vaccination Myths (Article)
An Introduction to the Contradictions Between Medical Science and Immunization Policy.

For Parents Wishing to Limit or Avoid Immunizations for Their Children (Article)
There are no long-term (months or years) safety studies on any vaccination or immunization. For this reason, there are valid grounds for suspecting that many delayed-type vaccine reactions may be taking place unrecognized at to their true nature.


The Compleat Mother (Website)
The Magazine of Pregnancy, Birth, and Breastfeeding. May spread to mates, cousins, friends, sisters, grandmas and other people exposed to this magazine.

The Mother (Website)
An international magazine of fertility awareness, conscious conception, peaceful pregnancy, sacred birth, extended breastfeeding, natural immunity and attachment parenting.

Mother Nurture (Website)
A family's personal website (many photos) with topics such as birth, breastfeeding, bedsharing, and vaccination. It encourages a gentle, child-centred approach to parenting.

Mothering - The Natural Family Living Magazine (Website)
Read in more than 65 countries and addresses contemporary health, personal, environmental, medical, and lifestyle issues in an upbeat, intelligent, compassionate, and courageous way.

Vaccination Debate (Website)
"When men differ, both sides ought equally be heard by the public, for when truth and error have fair play, the former is always an overmatch for the latter" - Benjamin Franklin

Vaccine Information & Awareness (Website)
Empowers parents to question, challenge, investigate, research and become more informed and aware about vaccine risks and dangers that exist.

Vaccine Resources for Parents in Texas (Website)
Providing information on vaccines, and the immunization policies and practices that affect the children and adults of Texas. Their mission is to prevent vaccine injury and death and to promote and protect the right of every person to make informed independent vaccination decisions for themselves and their families.


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