Life without Cars
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The joy of riding a bike (Article)
Okay, let's get excited! Sex? Who would you rather make love with, a bicyclist, or an SUV pudgy-wudgy? 'Nuff said.


Car Busters (Website)
A global network of people promoting alternatives to car dependence and automobile-based urban planning. They support walking, cycling, and public transit - and ultimately the transformation of cities, towns and villages into human-scaled, pedestrian environments rich in public space and community life.

Carfree Cities (Website)
Dedicated to the proposition that urban life is not only possible but also better if transport is organized so that private automobiles are not used on the city's streets

CarFree City, USA (Website)
Everyday citizens from all walks of life who strongly desire to push automobiles to the fringes of our lives and reap the numerous personal and global benefits of carfree living.

EcoTravel Email Group (Website)
The place for eco-travelers to share information and support sustainable and affordable travel choices.

Illichville - The Good Life (Website)
Why can't there be at least one city where everyone, not just the affluent can afford to live the good life? Illichville could be that city.

Pedal Power - Pedal Energy Development Alternatives (Website)
Promotes the development and application of financially-accessible and environmentally sustainable forms of human-powered technology locally and globally.


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