School's Out
by Lisa Ceneri

The lesson in school,
is not what you think,
to stick by the rules,
it's to kick up a stink.

They'll try to control,
as soon as you start.
Don't do what you're told,
be a rebel at heart.

When you're made to read hymns,
just twist all the words.
Instead you can sing.
"Our head teacher's a turd!"

They're calling you bluff,
to see if you fall,
so tell them to get stuffed,
when you're sent "up the wall".

Simply respond,
"I'm not Spiderman,
James friggin' Bond,
or Fireman Sam."

Give their patience the test,
make them red in the face.
Creep under the desk,
tie your teachers shoe lace.

Lock yourself in the loo,
and climb over the side.
That's what you have to do,
to make sure you're alive.

Have enough guts,
to stand over the line,
until they give up,
their job and resign!

Don't follow orders,
while sittings in class.
Cross all the borders,
and then you have passed.


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No copyright! (but be nice please...) composed by OfeK.