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Compositions by OfeK - Musician, Vegan, Traveler (Website)
Get your hands on all compositions ever published by OfeK, including vegan organic ecomusic composed while traveling with a mobile solar-powered composing workstation.

David Rovics (Website)
A folksinger of the rabble-rousing variety. He has become something of a fixture in the North American protest scene, performing at demonstrations throughout the continent.

Musicians United to Sustain the Environment (Website)
As they ply their musical craft, they heighten environmental awareness. M.U.S.E raises funds for effective grassroots environmental projects through CD sales, concerts, and public donations.

Ofer Golany (Website)
Intimate blues with a strong political tone coming out of bloody Jerusalem. All songs from his last 7 albums available for download as mp3 files.

Rinky Dink Bicycle-Powered Sound System (Website)
This remarkable machine creates a peace-loving party atmosphere at festivals and street parties, and helps maintain the peace at "Reclaim the Streets" rallies.

Seize the Day (Website)
Campaigning Environmental Band. "Lyrics and music so penetrating, haunting, witty and clever, that after one listening they simply take up residence in your brain and make you feel as if they've always been there. Exciting, inspiring and empowering..." - Permaculture Magazine


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