Let Right Be Done

Those who are poisoning our water; food; and causing diseases should be brought to justice and punished.

For instance Fluoride is an extremely dangerous chemical and is known as the "wild-cat" element because it is very difficult to know how it is going to react. The USA has been saturated with it since January 1945, and other countries have since followed, and it has sometimes been made mandatory, which has just happened in South Africa.

Fluoridation is based on false or misleading evidence, and outright lying, as it was claimed that it is safe and harmless, and that the Food and Drug administration (FDA) of the usa said it was an essential nutrient; but the FDA informed new jersey assemblyman john v. kelly that there was no file on record for f, and nothing to show it's safety or effectiveness; so it is experimental, and violates the "nuremberg code", and the 'un international covenant on civil and political rights".

In 1943 the atomic bomb was being constructed in New Jersey, USA, and to construct an atom bomb millions of tons of Fluoride are required. The workers and neighbouring people were severely affected by Fluoride poisoning, which had severe physical (including cancer; heart disease; loss of teeth etc.) and mental effects; so the government of the USA, terrified of being sued for billions of dollars, moved the construction site to a wilderness, and told the American people that Fluoride was good for the teeth and should be put into their drinking water (1).

The medical and dental professions were to a great degree bought or threatened, and industries such as aluminium, fertilizer, etc. got rid of a dangerous waste product.

Fluoride will damage the immune system, and cause many diseases including cancers, and heart diseases, which is good for drug companies and the careers and pockets of ruthless medical and dental academics. Fluoride will also destroy Vitamin E, which helps to protect against heart disease, AIDS, etc., and dental tartar, signals lack of Vitamin E (2).

It is important to take natural Vitamin E, as it is much better than the artificial, but it is difficult to get as most suppliers either make artificial only, or mix artificial with natural, and label all as Vitamin E.

Inorganic iron will destroy Vitamin E, inside or outside the body. Vitamin E can protect against heart disease and cancer, which will affect profitable drugs.

The incidence of heart disease is high and that of cancer is rising rapidly, and this is blamed on smoking, but does not explain why cancer of the lungs and coronaries were uncommon prior to 1945, although billions of cigarettes had been smoked by millions of people; but it does coincide with fluoridation, as does the increase in mouth and breast cancers. In the body Fluoride is converted to Hydrofluoric Acid (3), which is a very strong and corrosive acid, and is a known carcinogen (4). Hydrofluoric Acid will attack glass and destroy it, which is why topical Fluoride is delivered to a dental surgery in plastic containers, and never in glass containers.

Fluoride will interfere with the thyroid gland, which was well demonstrated by Prof. Douw G. Steyn of Pretoria, South Africa (5). The action of the thyroid gland is not fully understood, but it is known that lack of thyroid (hypothyroidism) causes delayed eruption of teeth, and white teething is now delayed up to 3-4 years (2). Lack of thyroid is known as a cause of lethargy and fatness; whilst excess causes hyper-excitability and thinness; but this is not always the case, as hyperactive children can be a result of hypothyroidism, often due to Fluoride interfering with I (iodine); and in Martindale (a pharmocopeia), Lugol's, an iodine solution, is recommended for it, and it may be that ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) is due to hypothyroidism. I have found that Lugol's assists eruption in delayed teething, and is useful for Bruxism (grinding of teeth), (2).

The USA Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) admit that no testing has been done on the Toxicity of fluorosilic acid, although other studies indicate anti-social behaviour (6).

The very severe rioting in USA cities, was in fluoridated cities (7), caused by black youths, and Fluoride would affect their thyroids, which may be more reactive, and if the adults were lethargic it would be ideal for rioting.

For the past 6 years South Africa has had over 10,000 people brutally murdered each year, and it was estimated that over the past 12 months, there have been a million rapes.

God forbid that South Africa with many areas with high Fluoride in the water, is fluoridated.


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Written by Frank Bertrand, 2000/10/30
Chairman, South African Safe Water Association (SASWA).


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