Jews Against Zionism

"The Halakhah presumes all Gentiles to be utterly promiscuous and the verse "whose flesh is as the flesh of asses, and whose issue [of semen] is like the issue of horses" is applied to them. Whether a Gentile woman is married or not makes no difference, since as far as Jews are concerned the very concept of matrimony does not apply to Gentiles ("There is no matrimony for a heathen"). Therefore, the concept of adultery also does not apply to intercourse between a Jewish man and a Gentile woman; rather, the Talmud equates such intercourse to the sin of bestiality."

Israel Shahak in his book: Jewish History, Jewish Religion [All Quotes

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Jewish Criticism of Zionism (Article)
How tragic that in our own time the very state established by Jews in the aftermath of this evil has become a place where racialism, religious discrimination, militarism and injustice prevail; and that Israel itself has become a pariah state within the world community. Events taking place today are all too reminiscent of the pogroms from which our own forefathers fled two and three generations ago -- but this time those in authority are Jews and the victims are Moslems and Christian Palestinians.

Jews Against Zionism (Article)
Zionism claims to speak for all Jews, because it wishes to silence us. Zionism claims Palestine as the homeland, because it wants to uproot us. Zionism claims to be the only possible defence against a new holocaust, because it wishes to dominate us.

Protests surge: U.S. and Israeli Jews decry devastating occupation of Palestine (Article)
Internationally, Jewish opposition to the Israeli government is growing very rapidly, challenging the impression fostered by the mainstream media that Jews are united in their unconditional support of Tel Aviv.


Jewish Peace Fellowship (Website)
A Jewish voice in the peace community and a peace voice in the Jewish community. We are a nondenominational Jewish organization committed to active nonviolence as a means of resolving conflict.

Jewish Voice For Peace (Website)
A diverse and democratic community of activists inspired by Jewish tradition to work together for peace, social justice, and human rights. We are among the many American Jews who say to the U.S. and Israeli governments: "Not in our names!"

Jews Against the Occupation (Website)
A Jewish voice of opposition to the war on Palestinians. Progressive, secular and religious Jews of all ages advocating peace.

Jews Against Zionism (Website)
Dedicated to promoting the position of thousands of Jews who do not believe in the validity of a Jewish State of Israel.

Neturei Karta - Jews United Against Zionism (Website)
Orthodox Jews who condemn the establishment and the existenceof the so-called State of Israel on religious grounds.

Not In My Name (Website)
There is a long history of Jews protesting against injustice, whether visited upon a Jew or inflicted by a Jew. It has been particularly challenging for Jews to criticize the State of Israel, but we feel that such criticism is not only warranted, but constitutes important, moral action.


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