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Alternative Menstrual Products (Article)
You could be surprised at how comfortable and easy they are. Plus, your body will benefit from less exposure to harmful chemicals and synthetics, and the Earth will benefit from your personal choices.

Bras and Breast Cancer (Article)
Years ago, many people thought that the idea of cigarettes causing lung cancer was funny. A documented increase in breast cancer rates has been noted between women who do wear bras versus those that do not.

Eco-Menstrual Issues and Options (Article)
What's wrong with most mainstream-marketed tampons and pads? It is estimated that over 7 billion tampons and 12 billion pads (and their packaging waste) are disposed of annually! They are typically manufactured using rayon and non-organic cotton that is chlorine bleached.

Pulling The Plug On The Sanitary Protection Industry (Article)
Not so many years ago an event happened that should have forever ended the tampon industry's code of silence. In 1980, 38 women died of tampon-related toxic shock syndrome, an event that might have been prevented were industry practices more carefully monitored.


How to Make your own Washable Cotton Pads (Website)
The design is based on the pads I have been manufacturing and selling for almost 13 years now. They have been redesigned several times to provide maximum effectiveness and ease of use. The more cloth pads out there the better for the health of women and our planet!

The Keeper Menstrual Cap (Website)
A healthy, natural, convenient, comfortable and environmentally friendly alternative to tampons and pads.

S.P.O.T - the tampon health website (Website)
Explore the site, read articles written by others, look at the alternatives and then make up your own mind. If you feel inspired, stop buying tampons from corporate giants and buy organically made products instead.


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