Those Promoting
Fluoridation Have
a Formidable Task
  1. They have to persuade us that using the public water supply to deliver medication is acceptable. This is a highly unusual practice. Apart from one short experiment with iodide (which unlike fluoride is a known essential nutrient) this has never been done before or since. The vast majority of countries in the world don't fluoridate their water supply.

  2. They have to persuade us that it is acceptable to use industrial grade chemicals for this purpose, as opposed to pharmaceutical grade.

  3. They have to persuade us that it is aceptable to use a chemical (Hexafluorosilicic acid) which according to the US EPA has never been subjected to long term animal testing. All the testing has been done on pharmaceutical or analytical grade sodium fluoride.

  4. They have to persaude us that the practice significantly reduces dental decay in children.

  5. They have to persuade us that it is safe. Which in this context means that it is safe:

    1. for bottle fed babies to consume fluoride at 100 times the levels normally found in mothers' milk (0.01 ppm, according to IOM, 1997).

    2. for everyone, regardless of their health status. Public health policy should protect the most vulnerable not just the average person.

    3. to consume fluoride at 1 ppm in our water every day for a whole lifetime, even though approximately 50% we ingest accumulates in our bones.

    4. to consume the fluoride in the water in addition to the fluoride in processed foods and beverages made with fluoridated water, dental products and all other sources we are exposed to on a daily basis (1.6 - 6.6 mg per day in a fluoridated community according to DHHS, 1991).

  6. They have to persuade us that this program is so important and the risks so minimal that it justifies the government's decision to override the individual's right to "informed consent" to medication - a cornerstone of modern medical ethics.

The promoters of fluoridation cannot do this and that is why they refuse to debate this issue on a public platform. That is why they are not here today. They know that Fluoridation is:

    Unscientifically promoted, and
    A massive distraction from the real causes of dental decay.

Closing summary from a Presentation by Dr. Paul Connett at the May 6 US EPA Science Forum (2003) where the pro-fluoridation forces nationwide were unable to field anyone to defend the practice of water fluoridation in an open public debate.


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