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"No matter what advocates of animal-based diets might say about the merits of being in the 'zone' or 'eating right for your blood type', from an ecological standpoint, a meat-based diet for the world's population is non-achievable and, for even a sizeable minority, is non-sustainable."

Dr. Michael Klaper [All Quotes

The Blood Type Diet: Fact or Fiction? (Article)
Dr. Michael Klaper response to D'Adamo evolutionary fairy tale that leaves many unanswered questions.

Eat Right for Your Type? Nothing More Than Hype! (Article)
To put things into perspective, your blood type shouldn't dictate your eating patterns any more than the interior of your car should determine which gasoline you put in it. Fad diets won't solve your nutritional problems; healthy eating will.

How Low-Carb Should You Go? (Article)
...times have changed. High-protein, low-carbohydrate diets have become wildly popular because they help adherents lose dozens of pounds without having to gnaw on rice cakes.


Atkins Diet Alert (Website)
A resource for physicians and laypeople with questions and concerns about high-protein diets. Offers the latest news and information about these diets, as well as a registry where dieters can record any health complications they've experienced.


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