Real Diapers (Cloth)

"Parents have been deluged by confusing studies and advertising from the 'disposable' diaper industry. Parents should remember that reusing materials is the best way to prevent waste and conserve resources. - PERIOD!"

Environmental Action Foundation, Washington, D.C. 

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Against the Current - The Plastic Sea (Article)
Where does it go? There are only three places it can go: our earth, our air, and our oceans.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind - The Disposable Diaper Myth (Article)
The product name itself is a misnomer, testament to the power of Madison Avenue and to our own Freudian neuroses surrounding our bodies and our wastes. For Huggies and Pampers and Luvs are not "disposable" at all.


Born to Love (Website)
Choosing, using cloth diapers, disposable concerns, frugal baby tips, menstrual products, diapering resources, companies, reviews, articles...

Cloth Diaper Info (Website)
There are lots of choices when it comes to cloth. Any parent-to-be can become quickly overwhelmed when trying to decide what to use for their baby. Cloth Diaper Info is here to help!


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