The Harmless-AIDS

pdf file The AIDS dilemma: drug diseases blamed on a passenger virus (Article)
Almost two decades of unprecedented efforts in research costing US taxpayers over $50 billion have failed to defeat Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) and have failed to explain the chronology and epidemiology of AIDS in America and Europe. The failure to cure AIDS is so complete that the largest American AIDS foundation is even exploiting it for fundraising.


Alive and Well AIDS Alternatives (Website)
Factual information challenging popular assumptions about HIV & AIDS including the accuracy of HIV test, the safety & effectiveness of AIDS drugs, and the validity of the HIV=AIDS paradigm.

Peter Duesberg on AIDS (Website)
Infectious AIDS - Have We Been Misled? This is the official HIV/AIDS research from the University of California Berkeley, Department of Molecular and Cell Biology. Includes research works of Prof. Peter H. Duesberg on the subject, as well as other scientists that support his views.

Rethinking AIDS (Website)
A growing group of scientists claim the AIDS virus is harmless and AIDS is not contagious. Find out what the AIDS establishment and media do not want you to know...

VirusMyth AIDS HomePage (Website)
Is HIV - the AIDS virus - harmless? Is AIDS not contagious? Are the HIV/AIDS tests worthless? Is AIDS medication killing patients? Over 850 scientific articles.


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